Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs target any level of sanitary homes or business, they don’t care about the cleanliness of your home or business. These are our hitchhiker bug that will follow you back home through your clothes or suitcases. In Las Vegas we are a fast-growing city with lots of visitors and if you work at a casino or hotel, I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of infested rooms, movie theaters, restaurants, even casino floors.

If you travel a lot, you probably have encountered them at lease once before. Even receiving second hand furniture, books, toys or clothes can possibly bring you in contact with these guys. If you bring them home bug juice can help.

Bed bugs use you as a host to feed on and your furniture become a cozy place for female bed bugs to lay their eggs on DAILY, which means an infestation can occur faster. Some people that receive bites from bed bugs will get raised bumps on their skin and some people may not get any reaction to the bed bug bites. That’s why most times they can go unnoticed for longer periods of time.

Our Bed Bugs Treatment Options:

We provide a thorough inspection of your home or office and tailor a bed bug treatment that will be cost efficient but effective.

We use a steam, vacuum, dust, liquids, and make recommendations. As long as you follow our recommendations and go on a service program we recommend we will warranty our work for up to a year.