Rats & Mice Control

Are you seeing rats or mice in your home or business?  Our city has seen an increase of rodents over the years that makes it common to see rodents run along your back wall or see news coverage of rodents taking over homes or even businesses. Exclusion is top priority to beat the rodents of causing havoc to your home or business. Rodents are attracted to a long list of things around your home like citrus trees, gardens, dog feces, and any unkempt landscaping.

Rodents will use unkempt landscaping as burrows or highways to areas to enter you home or business. Rodents destroy structures, cause fires and floods by gnawing. Rodents can transmit and harbor parasites by contaminating with their hair, feces and urine.

We will provide a free ground level inspection at time of your initial service with recommendations that will help keep your home or business safe. Attic inspections will be provided at the time of rodent services for trapping and exclusion work.