Residential Pest Control

At Bug Juice Pest Control we want to help you worry about one less thing in your already busy day. With our knowledgeable team we get down to the bottom of pest issues.

At the initial service we take an extensive inspection of your home in and out. Your tech is always aware of pest issues in the area and is always ready and equipped to solve your pest issues.

At Bug Juice Pest Control we use the best materials with the best results and always use materials that are gentle and safe around your loved ones, includes your furry family members.

Common bugs you see at homes: Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Spiders, Crickets, Flies, and Scorpions.


Starting at $35 per month

Start protecting your home from unwanted pests with our No Contract Monthly Residential Service starting at *$35 per month. Bug Juice Pest Control provides premium service without the premium price.

*Pest Control Prices
There are many factors that goes into the price of pest control services from your property size, pest type, infestation, number of treatments to the treatment process and more.


Our initial service includes:

  • Interior and exterior treatment

  • Cob Web removal up to 10′ high

  • Ground level inspection (rodent and scorpion exclusion recommendations)

  • Granule bait in landscaping if needed

  • Treatment of garage

  • Pet and kid friendly materials

  • Pest monitoring devices if necessary

  • Each service comes with a 60-day warranty

  • No Contract

  • Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, and one-time services available