Pest Control For Your Home

Do you have unwanted pests living in your home? Our pest control technicians at Bug Juice Pest Control will get rid of the pests that are in your home so you can get on with living!

Pest Control For Your Business

It doesn’t matter which industry you are a part of, pests are bad for business! Our expert team at Bug Juice Pest Control will get rid of unwanted pests from your commercial premises.

Pest Control Services

Our Bug Juice technician makes keeping your home or business protected from pest our top priority. With our pest control services you will receive a free ground level inspection that will help keep insects and rodents out. We will treat interior and exterior at the initial service. Interior is based on request after that. With every service we will treat the base of home as well as use any baits or granules if necessary and clean webs up to 10’ high. It’s very important to stay on schedule with your service to achieve the best results throughout the year.

Whether you are on our monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly service you will always have a 30-day warranty.

Interior Treatment:
Depending on the type of pest issues you are experiencing, we will treat all rooms with a water source, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and laundry room. Bedrooms and common living areas will have a spot treatment if you desire. Materials range depending on the pest, liquid treatment, aerosol treatment, foam treatment, dust and baits, and pest monitoring strips.